Does buying Compatible or Remanufactured Ink Void my Printer Warranty?

NO! The manufacturer cannot void your warranty simply because you choose to save money using compatible or remanufactured products. You are protected under the Magnusson Moss Warranty Improvement Act of 1975. You can read more about your rights to use compatible Ink & Toner here:

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HP Deskjet 3918 Ink Cartridges

5 Pack of Remanufactured HP 21/22 Series Cartridges (3 Black + 2 Color) - replaces the HP C9351AN / C9352AN - Made in the U.S.A.
Price: $62.99
Buy 2 or more:
$60.00 each
(Save $5.98+)

Remanufactured HP 21 (C9351AN) Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (up to 190 Pages) - Made in the U.S.A.
Price: $11.99
Buy 3 or more:
$11.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

Remanufactured HP 22 (C9352AN) Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge (up to 165 Pages) - Made in the U.S.A.
Price: $15.99
Buy 3 or more:
$15.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

Genuine HP 21 (C9351AN) Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (up to 150 pages)
Price: $19.99
Buy 3 or more:
$19.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

Genuine HP 22 (C9352AN) Tri-Color Inkjet Print Cartridge (up to 140 pages)
Price: $25.99
Buy 3 or more:
$25.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

Genuine HP 21 (C9508FN) Twin Pack Black Ink Cartridge (2 Pack of C9351AN)
Price: $34.99
Buy 3 or more:
$34.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

Genuine HP 21 & 22 (C9509FN) Combo Pack Black and Tri Color Ink Cartridge (Includes 1 Each of C9351AN & C9352AN)
Price: $41.99
Buy 2 or more:
$40.00 each
(Save $3.98+)

Genuine HP 22 (CC580FN) Twin Pack Tri Color Ink Cartridge (2 Pack of C9352AN)
Price: $45.99
Buy 3 or more:
$45.00 each
(Save $2.97+)

InkTec Color Refill Kit - 3 x 25ml ink bottles - Equivalent to 8 Refills for the HP C6657A, C8728AN, C9352AN
Price: $16.95

The simplistic and straight forward HP Deskjet 3918 was built with the capability to print color documents in one compact, light weight device. This machine is perfect as a starter printer or for users that are constantly moving locations and still need the ability to print documents and projects regardless of quality. The easy snap-in and snap-out HP Deskjet 3918 ink cartridges, also makes replacing inks, stress-free.

This little printer will produce projects with resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi on standard modes, although the quality can be raised to reflect a maximum of 1200 x 1200 dpi when printing with color. The Econofast mode, for those looking to save time and money on each printout, will produce projects with resolutions reaching up to 300 x 300 dpi. In Econofast printing mode, projects can be finished with speeds up to 16 pages per minute on black only printouts and up to 12 pages per minute printing with color.

The popular HP 21 and HP 22 ink cartridges that come with this printer have a sturdy and solid design that enables users to refill them with a compatible InkTec Refill Kit. Each one of the HP Deskjet 3918 ink cartridges will produce around 140-150 pages before needing to be replaced. And the cartridges will automatically center when the lid is raised and will automatically realign when the lid has been closed for consistent results.

The Input Tray, conglomerated with the Output Tray can hold up to 80 sheets of paper before rising into the output tray. The Output Tray can hold a maximum of 50 plain paper printouts and up to 10 envelopes before needing to be cleared. Users can print onto media that reaches a width up to 8.5 inches and a length of 14 inches, which is the size of a standard legal document.

Measuring only 16.6 inches in width, 13.6 inches in depth, and 5.6 inches in height allows users to place this printer in nearly any space from desktops and warehouses to cluttered closets and shelves. The printer also weighs only 4.5 pounds and can be easily moved by nearly anyone. The HP Deskjet 3918 ink cartridges will pass over and apply ink to the media in a horizontal pattern or back and forth motion to complete projects.