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Pantum Printers are the newest line of products to come out of Seine Technology with an aim at competing in the lower end laser printer market. Seine Technology is a large Chinese consumables manufacturer which has been creating many compatible replacement components to the already exsisting printer brands and companies. The Pantum focuses on providing small businesses and home offices with faster printing solutions in the form of a monochrome laser printer. They offer three basic types of printers to meet the demands of small to medium size businesses. The slightly smaller P1000 and P2000 Series printers are ideal for smaller businesses that are printing on a regular basis while the larger P3000 Series printers can handle more demanding printing environments. Additionally they have a couple Multifunction monochrome laser printers to handle all your printing needs, including scanning and copying.
These office machines bolster impressive speeds and high monthly page cycles, reinforcing the idea of competing in the lower end of the laser printer market. The Pantum P1000 and P2000 series laser printers will print at speeds up to 16 pages per minute and can handle a monthly duty cycle of 20,000 printouts. The multifunction machines have comparable specifications to the P1000 and P2000 Series printers containing the same monthly page cycle and around the same output printing speeds. However the P3000 Series printers can output up to 50,000 pages per month and will attain speeds up to 30 pages per minute. Whether you are looking to speed up printing and production in the office or are looking for a more affordable printing solution for your small business, Pantum has a monochrome option.

The Pantum P1000, P2000, and P3000 Series printer models are extremely user friendly, featuring just two basic indicators and a single button. The printers will notify the user when the paper tray is empty and when an error occurs, while the single button is for cancelling or continuing jobs. All their models connect through a USB port located in the back of the printer. The Multifunction printers also connect through a USB interface in the back and are just as easy to use. They do contain a few more buttons including the continue and cancel buttons, as well as a directional pad for navigating selections, and a copy and a scan button for selecting the type of job needed. The software Pantum has released with the printers is quick and the driver utility it installs is simple to comprehend. With Seine Technology's experience and knowledge of components, the company looks to be a forceful new player in the laser printer market.