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HP DesignJet Ink Cartridges

Hewlett Packard is a worldwide leader in innovation and versatility in the office imaging industry. With machines that cover the gamut of imaging from home inkjet and laser printers to small and corporate office machines, HP produces a full line of machines that help aid in the improvement of business efficiency. For offices that involve themselves in large sale projects in the construction, architectural and advertising industries, HP provides the DesignJet Series. This inkjet printer offers remarkable clarity in color and black and white for the large scale printing projects needed by these types of firms. carries a full line of HP DesignJet inkjet product for all printer models.

DesignJet 100 DesignJet 100+ DesignJet 10000S DesignJet 100PS
DesignJet 1050C DesignJet 1050C PLUS DesignJet 1055CM DesignJet 1055CM PLUS
DesignJet 10PS DesignJet 110 DesignJet 110+ DesignJet 110+NR
DesignJet 110+R DesignJet 111 DesignJet 1180C DesignJet 120
DesignJet 1200C DesignJet 1200C-PC DesignJet 120NR DesignJet 1220CPS
DesignJet 130 DesignJet 130GP DesignJet 130NR DesignJet 130R
DesignJet 200 DesignJet 20PS DesignJet 220 DesignJet 230D
DesignJet 230E DesignJet 250C DesignJet 30 DesignJet 30N
DesignJet 330D DesignJet 330E DesignJet 350C DesignJet 3800CP
DesignJet 4000 DesignJet 4000PS DesignJet 4020 DesignJet 4020PS
DesignJet 430 DesignJet 450 DesignJet 4500 DesignJet 4500MFP
DesignJet 4500PS DesignJet 450C DesignJet 4520 DesignJet 4520HD mfp
DesignJet 4520PS DesignJet 455CA DesignJet 488CA DesignJet 500
DesignJet 5000 DesignJet 500PS DesignJet 50PS DesignJet 510
DesignJet 5500 DesignJet 5500PS DesignJet 5500ps UV DesignJet 5500UV
DesignJet 5940 DesignJet 5940XI DesignJet 600 DesignJet 6122
DesignJet 650C-PS DesignJet 650CD DesignJet 650CE DesignJet 70
DesignJet 700D DesignJet 700E DesignJet 750C DesignJet 755CM
DesignJet 800 DesignJet 8000 DesignJet 8000S DesignJet 8000SR
DesignJet 800PS DesignJet 815MFP DesignJet 820MFP DesignJet 90
DesignJet 9000S DesignJet 9000SF DesignJet 90GP DesignJet 90R
DesignJet ColorPro CAD DesignJet ColorPro GA DesignJet Copier CC800 PS DesignJet L25500
DesignJet L26100 DesignJet L26500 DesignJet L28500 DesignJet T1100
DesignJet T1100PS DesignJet T1120 DesignJet T1120PS DesignJet T1120SD mfp
DesignJet T120 DesignJet T1200 DesignJet T1200HD DesignJet T1300 ePrinter
DesignJet T1500 DesignJet T2300 DesignJet T2500 DesignJet T520
DesignJet T610 DesignJet T620 DesignJet T7100 Color DesignJet T7100 Mono
DesignJet T770 DesignJet T920 DesignJet Z2100 DesignJet Z3100
DesignJet Z3100PS DesignJet Z3200 DesignJet Z3200PS DesignJet Z5200
DesignJet Z5200PS DesignJet Z5400 DesignJet Z6100 DesignJet Z6100PS
DesignJet Z6200 DesignJet Z6600 DesignJet Z6800

The HP DesignJet Series of printers offers graphic based businesses a practical tool for large scale printing applications. Posters, construction plans and even fine art can be printed on the DesignJet Series with incredible resolution. provides genuine, remanufactured and compatible inkjet cartridges for every model of HP DesignJet Printer at a low cost than other retailers. ensures that every cartridge we stock has been tested and certified to ISO9001 standards, so you can be sure of its supreme quality and compatibility with your DesignJet machine.

Along with a premier product, offers a page yield percentage for each model so you can properly track orders and ink usage when putting together a potential purchase. follows the philosophy of providing top-notch customer service along with our fully certified product. We offer a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee on every single cartridge of inkjet and toner we carry. If you are not pleased with the performance of our product you can simply send it back and receive a full refund for the cost of the item, no questions asked. All damaged and incompatible inkjet product can be exchanged for no extra cost.

Our full line of HP DesignJet Series inkjet covers the newest model to discontinued models so you can be sure to find what you are looking for at Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB and speak to a customer service professional about your DesignJet ink cartridge needs. Along with our hotline, you can sign up for the newsletter to browse special deals regarding all HP inkjet and toner products. regularly updates the newsletter with discount codes and coupons that could apply to a potential purchase. is you top online source for all your HP DesignJet Series inkjet needs.