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Samsung CLX Series Toner Cartridges

For a workgroup office machine with a small footprint but huge output, the Samsung CLX Series of color multifunctional printers are the premier choice for the most stringent demands on productivity. Samsung Electronics offers a ready for prime time office machine with a sleek and compact design that allows it to fit anywhere. Home office, workgroup area boardroom or executive suite, the CLX Series all in one is stocked with all of the features required for top performance in its field. With speed, power, reliability and complimentary design, the CLX Series from Samsung has it all.

CLX 2160N CLX 3160FN CLX 3170 CLX 3175FN CLX 3175FW
CLX 3175N CLX 3180 CLX 3185 CLX 3185CW CLX 3185FW
CLX 3300 CLX 3305 CLX 3305FN CLX 3305FW CLX 3305W
CLX 4195FN CLX 4195FW CLX 6200FX CLX 6200ND CLX 6210FX
CLX 6220FX CLX 6240FX CLX 6250FX CLX 6260FD CLX 6260FR
CLX 6260FW CLX 6260ND CLX 8380ND CLX 8540ND

The network ready capability of the CLX Series provides the ability to scan, print, and fax without leaving your personal work area. With optical enhanced resolution and comparable speed to any other multifunctional unit on the market, the CLX Series can increase productivity and quality of everything you output. carries a full line of laser ink for this revolutionary machine. The remanufactured monochrome and color toner cartridges specifically designed, tested and provided for the Samsung CLX Series of all in one printers is compatible with your machine and will meet if not exceed the performance standards you have come to expect from genuine of OEM cartridge.

Each remanufactured and compatible cartridge from is backed by our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can be sure of the confidence we have in our product. Producing up to 1,500 pages per cartridge, owners can manipulate page production by increasing or decreasing quality and determining a proper font size or style. For tips on how to best conserve or get the most from your CLX Series multifunction printer consult your operations manual for tips on how to best utilize the settings as well as maintaining your device properly for producing the best results. is committed to providing a high quality ink and toner product that performs at or above the level of expectation of its users at a low, affordable price to other retail and online outlets. carries printing solutions to just about any printer, fax or other office machine on the market today, whether the product is currently manufactured or not. Keeping a stock of available printing solutions for out of date machines and devices keeps you in ink and toner, without the trouble of having to purchase newer and quite possibly unnecessary, ‘advanced’, models. Browse through for all of your ink and toner needs.