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Toshiba BD Series Toner Cartridges

The Toshiba BD Series of multifunction printers are a unique and reliable workgroup machine designed for small and medium sized businesses that require a variety of features to enhance office productivity without sacrificing precious office space with an office monster machine that holds a larger footprint. The BD Series is ideal for bustling small offices that are on the way up. The laser printing capability of the BD Series of multifunctional units is a hallmark of its Toshiba quality and innovation. carries a full line of remanufactured and compatible laser toner cartridges for the BD Series printer at a comparatively low cost to other retail and online agents.

BD 1210 BD 1310 BD 1340 BD 1350 BD 1360
BD 1370 BD 1550 BD 1560 BD 1650 BD 1710
BD 2050 BD 2060 BD 2300 BD 2310 BD 2500
BD 2510 BD 2532 BD 2540 BD 2550 BD 2810
BD 2860 BD 2870 BD 3210 BD 3220 BD 3550
BD 3560 BD 3570 BD 3910 BD 4010 BD 4550
BD 4560 BD 4570 BD 5010 BD 5020 BD 5540
BD 5560 BD 6550 BD 6560 BD 7550 BD 7560
BD 7610 BD 7720 BD 9100 BD 9110 BD 9230
BD 9240

The BD Series multifunction printer has all of the features you need for an office workgroup device including network capability, printing, copying, and scanning functions all at remarkable speed and with incredible clarity. The difference in the BD Series is its laser printing technology. Toner cartridges differ from inkjet by what is on the inside of the cartridge. Inkjet contains liquid ink that requires thermal manipulation in order to be extracted from the cartridge. This can lead to smudges or dried up nozzles that prevent clear and quality printing. Toner cartridges are manufactured as powder that is converted into ink at the time of printing providing a smoother print.

The remanufactured and compatible toner cartridges provided by are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory that employs expertise in remanufacturing cartridges and reloading the toner powder according to specifications set by the ISO standards. Each cartridge will meet or exceed your performance standards for the BD Series of MFC printer and is backed by the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the remanufactured product from we will refund you the cost of the purchase no questions asked.

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