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Victor Ink Cartridges & Ribbons

Victor Printing Inc. provides solutions for trade printers and industrial manufacturers. With a full service of printers and printing service, Victor produces all manners of forms your business might need, from invoices, checks and statements to letterheads and other stationary needs. Victor also provides full service point of sale printers for several different types of retail, commercial and industrial systems. For the most affordable printer ink solutions from mailing center, to multifunction unit to check writer to point of sale ticket printer, is your premier online source for the highest quality merchandise at the lowest price.

100 120 1280 1500 1500-5 1520
1520-4 1520-5 1530 1530-4 1530-5 1530-6
1550-4 1550-5 1560 1560-4 1560-5 1560-6
1570-4 1570-5 1570-6 1600 1645 1655
1665 1666 1670 1675 350 380
605 610 620 660 670 675
800 820 830 840 850 860
Inkjet Calculator Medalist 305 Medalist 306 Medalist 307 Medalist 311 Medalist 331
Medalist 332

Victor printers use dot matrix technology with require a particular printing ribbon that is reliable and durable. POS machines tend to take a beating when out on a sales floor in a commercial or culinary setting which in many instances they are. Dot matrix printing technology is the use of a cylindrical ball with letters and numbers on it attached to a rolling base that provides quick printing without the mess that can occur with inkjet machines in wet or greased areas. understands the importance of keeping a full inventory of ribbon ink cartridges for the multitude of point of sale devices on the market. carries the Epson ERC-02 black ribbon ink cartridge for use in any number of Victor point of sale printing machines. Each Victor model from the 100 to the Medalist series is compatible with Epson ERC-02. The Epson cartridge is the industry standard from a trusted name in printer ink an especially dot matrix technology. As one of the earliest advocates of the technology, Epson has kept a strong market share of compatible black ribbon ink cartridges for many different types of dot matrix machine from cash registers to electronic calculators to typewriters. will be back any purchase you make with our 90-Day Money back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the item you can simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price. also offers an exchange program for incompatible and defective product. Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB to learn more about the return and exchange policy. An customer service professional can also provide all the information you need to make an informed judgment on your next purchase of Epson compatible ribbon ink for use in your Victor point of sale machine.