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Standard Register Printer Supplies

As a recognized leader in document management and printing services, Standard Registers has the solutions to meet your office imaging needs. With a variety of products and services that range across several media and industries, Standard Register is the ideal partner in your commercial and industrial printing needs. Standard Register manufactures and sells parts for industrial printing machines, document management systems and simple health care and retail point of sale machines. is your online source for printer ribbon cartridges and other printer ink solutions for Standard Register products. provide low cost ink alternatives in comparison to other online and retail outlets.

Standard Register
TE-1604 TE-1606 TE-1608 TE-1610
TE-1800 TE-1804 TE-1806 TE-1807
TE-1904 TE-1914 TE-1916 TE-1916E
TE-1931 TE-1933 TE-1934

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Standard Register specializes in unique printing for documents, as well as wristbands, warning labels and other materials. Standard Register provides outlets for government agencies, health care providers and many other industries looking for affordable specialized and unique printing. With a variety of marketing and training solutions to tap from, Standard Register has become the standard bearer for unique print solutions. Currently, carries a compatible black ribbon ink cartridge for use in the Standard Register TE series of ATM and banking printers. The Epson ERC-02 is fully compatible with the TE series from Standard Register. ensures the quality of each ribbon ink cartridge through the ISO9001 certification for each product. This certification identifies that a particular cartridge has surpassed the quality control standards set by industry experts. Epson cartridges are compatible with many dot matrix printers and are a trusted member of the office imaging industry. Standard Register printers are used in conjunction with other machines and systems to provide high performance printing in a timely fashion. The Epson ERC-02 is fully capable of fulfilling this need and is the industry standard for dot matrix technology.

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