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Hypercom delivers end-to-end and secure credit and debit card payment systems for all kinds of retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses worldwide. With a variety of products from mobile and countertop based to multi-lane and pin pad technologies Hypercom brings futureproof payment to the present. The global consumer based economy has separated itself from the old cash and carry days of early retail spending. While credit spending has gone through the rood, using debit cards based in actual savings and checking account values in lieu of cash has more and more become the norm. With multiple products available for point of sale payment Hypercom is leading the charge in this payment revolution.

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Debit cards, much more than credit cards, are a reliable form of payment for both the consumer and the retailer alike. Hypercom specializes in pin pad, debit pads and multi-payment solutions that make paying by debit easy and hassle free. With exemplary software and support from Hypercom, point of sale businesses can increase consumer flow and improve in overall customer service. Even with the vast changes in payment technology the ink used for these credit and debit machine printers remains a long-standing industry standard of ribbon ink.

Ribbon ink goes back to the days of typewriters and adding machines, but the same ribbon ink cartridge technology used in the early electronic typewriters and calculators back then is the same cartridge technology used in printing receipts in any number of Hypercom POS machines and devices from any number of POS supply companies. While technology advances and evolution moves forward, some aspects hang on because of the versatility they possess. The Epson Company is widely regarded as the industry leader in providing ribbon ink cartridges for use in several point of sale machines and cash registers, including the debit and credit card payment solutions from Hypercom. supplies the world with ink, toner and other printing solutions. We carry a full line of Epson ribbon cartridge products to be used in a variety of dot matrix based printers and point of sale retail and service registers. supplies and ensures that the Epson ribbon product available for use in your Hypercom devices is of the highest quality and meets the standards set for ISO9001 certification. is a low cost alternative to other online and retail purveyors of ink and toner. Experience the difference in customer service and quality from