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Restaurant remote and point of purchase printers and modules can undergo intense conditions. Whether it is due to hand and order traffic or the elements of a working kitchen or bar area. Restaurant POS devices need to be able to withstand the rigors of the workplace and continue to function properly for a business to thrive. FASFAX Systems manufacturers a durable and reliable point of purchase line that can provide a secure, streamline flow of information to keep even the busiest kitchen on the top of its game. provides the high quality ribbon ink cartridges that can endure the high traffic that is the restaurant business.

FAS Fax System
Mark IV Positron Remote

A restaurant computer system is a complex network of inventory, pricing, ordering and placing. For an establishment to function at its peak the system needs to be working properly. The FASFAX System designs the type of network capable operations that streamline the ordering process to the kitchen and bar, while coordinating inventory for the rush and keeping tabs on managerial functions that are required for a successful business. However, keeping the network up is not your only problem. Maintaining a clear and concise record of transactions, customer receipts and other printed records is crucial to success and that is where comes in.

Most restaurant computer printers and other point of purchase devices don’t require a specific ribbon ink to be able to perform at a high level. Often these machines are made to accept a top of the line product such as the Epson ERC-02 black ribbon ink cartridge. carries this and other compatible Epson cartridges for POS devices, cash registers and many other printers and other machines that require ribbon ink for printing. The ERC-02 cartridge is designed especially for the size and durability of POS machines. ensures the quality of the Epson ERC-02 black ribbon ink cartridge by guaranteeing that the required testing and quality control studies have been followed in the manufacturing of each ribbon ink product. is committed to provided high quality printer ink solutions of all kinds at the lowest prices possible. is pried lower comparatively to other online and retail ink and toner outlets. Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB and speak to an customer service professional about the lo cost print solutions you can use for your office machine or point of purchase machine, such as a FASFAX System Mark IV or Positron Remote printer.