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The Casio name is very recognizable the world over. More often than not the moniker will be associated with music and with the line of synthesizers and keyboard products available from Casio it is no wonder. But the Casio Company isn’t all just a song and dance. Casio provides businesses with several types of point of sale solutions as well as CD and DVD duplicators. Its huge and varies line of retail and service cash registers and other point of sale items are as popular as their line of state of the art synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments.

200 200SR 204 204SR 208SR
2200ER 2908 300ER 3600ER 3604ER
3608ER 3700ER 3701ER 3702ER 3708ER
3800ER 3804ER 3807 3808ER 3904ER
3908 3908ER 4000 4600ER 4612ER
4630ER 4800ER 4812ER 4820 4830ER
4900ER 4912ER 4920 4930 7000SR
7100SR 7200SR 7300SR 7500ER 7500SR
7600ER DL210 DL220 DR1011 DR1210
DR1211 DR1212 DR1220 DR1410 DR1411
DR1520 DR3220 DR6220P DR6220R DR7210
DR7220 DR7250 ECR 400SP ER1211 FE700
KR4000 PJ-10L PJ-140L PJ-160L PJ-180L
PJ-20L R1000 R1001 R1201 R1205
SP200 SP300 SP400 SP600 TK2000
TK3608 TK3708 TK3808 TK4600 TK4930 carries a full line of compatible ribbon cartridges that can be used in any type of Casio point of purchase device. offers a low cost alternative to other retail and online purveyors of print solutions for most Casio printing products. The Casio Company first made its foray into electronics with a line of calculators that were an innovative match to any on the market. Over the years the company has expanded to provide a wide range of consumer electronics including musical equipment, watches, PDAs and other wireless products, even digital cameras so it should be no surprise that Casio is an industry leader in point of sale technology.

Casio provides several products that are ideal for businesses looking for quality front of house solutions as well as inventory machines and calculators. With a model to fit any size or complexity of retail or commercial operation, Casio is a great choice for keeping track of your business and sale performance. provides a low cost compatible cash register ribbon that can be used in most Casio POS devices and calculators. Tested to pass the most strict of quality control standards and built to last through the rigors of sales period, the compatible ribbon cartridges from is second to none. is committed to providing a low cost high quality product. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase in any way simply return the merchandise within 90 days and receive a full refund. That is the 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Contact us at 877 INK-GRAB for more information on the printing solutions we offer for Casio products as well as hundreds of office imaging industry top brands. The customer service team can guide through the entire purchasing process so you can purchase the ink solutions you need for your office and point of sale machines.