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Sharp Calculator Ribbons

The Sharp Corporation is directly responsible for the invention and marketing of the mass-produced calculator. With a history in semiconductor and transistor manufacturing, Sharp created the world’s first transistor calculator and with continuing innovations and development, continued to build on the technology required to make the calculator a pocket-sized and easily portable asset. Still at the forefront of the technology, Sharp still offers a full line of calculators for business and personal use that top any other brand on the market. Besides a full line of consumer pocket calculators and scientific models, Sharp offers an inventory of business style calculators that provide sheeted printouts available for receipts and records.

CS 1181 CS 1191 CS 1606 CS 1608 CS 167
CS 2053 CS 2054 CS 2062 CS 2063 CS 2137
CS 2187 CS 2406 CS 2608 CS 2610 CS 2690
CS-4690 QS 1072 QS 1073 QS 1074 QS 1155
QS 1156 QS 1157 QS 2156 QS 2166 QS 2181
QS 2184 QS 2186 VX 1172 VX 1174 VX 1184

With the advent of computers and smart phone one would think that calculators are no longer an integral part of the business process, but that would be inaccurate. Several business models still use calculators especially receipt calculators in order to fully document accounting needs and other formula driven business practices. The Sharp line of calculators run the gamut of office need but for ribbon packs and cartridges that are for full use in Sharp calculators carries a full ribbon cartridge inventory. Tested and compatible with Sharp calculators, offers a high quality substitute for Sharp genuine ribbon packs.

The manufacturing of ribbons cartridges is not all that widespread, left to smaller affiliate companies are industry giants that produce their own calculator lines. These cartridges tend to be compatible with most calculators on the market regardless of company or model. carries a full assortment at a lower cost than other retail and online outlets. guarantees a product that will meet or exceed performance standards as each cartridge has been tested to meet integrity standards set for ISO9001 certification and is produced at a certified factory that is in compliance with these standards.

Whether purchasing single cartridges are multipacks for high traffic office use or simply for keeping an inventory on hand, is your ideal choice for compatible ribbon cartridges and packs for use in Sharp Electronic Calculators. Producing a heavy and bold text the compatible ribbon from will stand up to the most rigorous office demands and meet or even exceed the loftiest expectations. For more information on Sharp Calculator printing solutions as well as info on the return and exchange policy and newsletter contact us at 877 INK-GRAB.